About the University of California Veterinary Medical Center - San Diego

Photo: exterior of buildingWelcome to the University of California Veterinary Medical Center - San Diego (UCVMC-SD).

As a satellite facility of the UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, we are proud to bring three services of the #1 ranked veterinary school in the world to the Southern California community.

As a specialty referral center, we aim to work closely with local veterinarians, complementing the excellent care and service they provide for their patients and clients. Our specialized services in cardiology, nephrology/urology/hemodialysis, and clinical pharmacy are available to any and all pets in need of our world-class veterinary intervention.

The UCVMC-SD is a center of excellence based on cooperation with the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, UC San Diego Health Sciences, UC San Diego Center for Veterinary Sciences and Comparative Medicine, and animal institutes of the San Diego region.

Our mission is to discover, apply and disseminate new knowledge to promote animal health and welfare, and to advance the diagnosis, treatment, control and prevention of animal diseases. In addition, we strive to provide high quality veterinary medical care and client services for all. The center promotes and enhances animal health through interdisciplinary teaching, research, service and outreach.